Making technology simple.

Embedded •  Real-time •  Control Systems

Product Development, Consulting & Training

  • Embedded Systems  Engineering.
  • Complete Product Life Cycle, from requirements gathering to quality assurance & field installation.
  • Object-oriented analysis, design and development.
  • QNX RTOS, C++, C & Assembly.
  • Firmware and micro controller programming.
  • Hardware/software co-design.
  • Software Build Systems architecture.
  • Skills training and mentorship.

Analog/digital design, schematic capture, PCB assembly, and testing  •  Motorola, PIC,  ATMEL μ-controllers •  IDE: Eclipse, CodeWarrior, SlickEdit, MPLAB, NoICE  •  TCP/IP •  VMWare  • GNU Tools, Cygwin  •  SCM: Perforce, ClearCase, CVS  •  LoadBuild: Jam, Boost-Build v2, GNU-make, Unix make  •  Perl, Unix Shell script  •  Static Analysis: Klocwork, Flexelint  • PHP, HTML, MySQL, Java  •  Matlab, Simulink, Mathematica  • MIDI  •  Microsoft, Linux and Solaris operating systems